Fellowships in Academic Administration

The Fellowships in Academic Administration program allows advanced doctoral students in Arts and Sciences departments to apprentice in administrative offices across Columbia's campuses. This program is intended to enhance graduate student career preparation by supplementing the training GSAS students receive in research and teaching with an introduction to the day-to-day operations of the university. The experience allows students to cultivate a stronger professional profile and to develop administrative skills in preparation for a career in academia or outside of it.

Student fellows are in years three through seven of their doctoral program in an Arts and Sciences department. They apprentice in their chosen administrative office for a semester or more, using their significant writing, organizational skills, and research training to advance meaningful projects in their host office. Depending on the project, fellows will be expected to spend five to ten hours per week at the host office, and to attend a luncheon at the end of the summer term.

The application process for the Fellowships in Academic Administration is competitive. GSAS provides a single $2,000 stipend to all fellows in their first term in a host office. Assignments may be renewed for a subsequent term, providing that the host office agrees cover the stipend for the fellow's second semester. Host offices that wish to extend a fellow for a second term should inform GSAS before the conclusion of the first semester. Students who fail to complete the assignment or attend the workshops and information sessions will forfeit a pro-rated portion of the semester stipend.

    Please email Stephanie Wolfe at slw2003 [at] columbia.edu with any questions about this program. 

    Application deadline for Summer 2017: Thursday, April 13, 2017

    Participating Offices

    Click here for descriptions of fellowship positions in the host offices participating in the Summer 2017 term. Each student may apply for a first- and second-choice position. For general information about participating offices, follow the links below.

    If you are interested in working at an office not listed here, or if you work in a university office interested in hosting a fellow, please contact Stephanie Wolfe at slw2003 [at] columbia.edu.

      How to Apply

      Eligibility Requirements
      Candidates must be in years three through seven of an Arts and Sciences doctoral program, and in good academic standing. Students may participate for up to a total of four semesters, provided that they continue to meet the eligibility requirements. Students may not serve as a fellow for more than two semesters in the same office. We recommend that you discuss with your sponsor that you are considering pursuing this opportunity. 

      Application Materials
      Candidates must submit an online application, which should include the following materials combined into one PDF attachment:

      • a cover sheet with your full name, UNI, department or program, first semester of enrollment in GSAS, anticipated graduation date, and the first- and second-choice offices to which you are applying
      • a brief personal statement (maximum of 500 words) that addresses professional career goals and how participation in this program will help meet those goals
      • a résumé; Please note that a résumé differs from an academic CV. For guidance on converting your CV into a professional résumé, please read The Basics of Resume Writing, produced by the Center for Career Education (CCE). For additional assistance with your résumé, you may also schedule a counseling session at CCE.